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ENGLISH HUB is an innovative e-learning company that empowers modern-day learners to get their hands on English quickly and easily. With its learner-friendly and inventive courses, it aims at training individuals of all age groups and diverse geographical locations.

ENGLISH HUB is a one-stop destination where you can learn English easily from anywhere globally whether sitting comfortably on your couch or while traveling. There is no age limit on the platform, so anyone ranging from students, working professionals, homemakers to even senior citizens can start their English learning journey.

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The training involves having a one-on-one conversation with a training buddy, which is provided by ENGLISH HUB. The training buddy will help you to converse on a daily basis and practice speaking in English. Our team members will then assess your conversation and provide feedback. You’ll learn under mentors and personal trainers who will evaluate your speaking skills, vocabulary, accent, etc. and provide feedback to hone them. They’ll act as your pillars of motivation. You’ll go through intensive practice sessions and different fun-filled activities on a daily basis to brush your listening, speaking, reading as well as writing skills.

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We have highly skilled and technology-driven trainers in our team. They adopt simple yet engaging methods while training. They provide individual focus on each learner and they are even available to guide you through Whatsapp and Phone calls.

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